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Why you should move to Utah this year

Thinking about moving away soon? Not sure where? Read on to see why you should move to Utah this year.

People consider life in Utah quite convenient and enjoyable. In fact, Utah has been voted the second happiest state in the US after Hawaii! As a result, moving there could be one of the best decisions you will ever make. So, before you pack your belongings for a long-distance move, read on to find out more about why you should move to Utah this year. 

If you are still skeptical about Utah being the happiest place in the continental US, you are not alone. Most people are outright dumbfounded when they find out how great Utah is. So, it makes sense to read about why this is so before you turn your Beehive State baseball cap the other way around and start to drawl like a true Utahn

a big sign welcoming drivers to Utah
Utah is one of the most welcoming, happiest places in the US.

Roads and transportation are one of the reasons why you should move to Utah this year

Utah’s transportation system is downright superb with the recently built highway and airport in Salt Lake City. However, it is not just road and air transport that is well-developed. If you decide to buy a home somewhere in Utah, you will be able to reach other cities easily with the help of Utah's ever-growing rail system, TRAX. Also, the public transportation system is very functional. You do not have to rely on your car much when you live in an urban environment in this state.

Utah has fantastic nature in its five national parks

How could you profit from such an excellent transportation system? Well, by traveling around Utah's five national parks, which are, needless to say, astonishingly beautiful. Utah boasts unique and mostly intact nature and wildlife, which is why so many people decide to leave coastal states and move to this state. 

So, if you are a fan of canyons, then you might want to compare the Grand Canyon with the perhaps less grand but still equally mesmerizing Bryce Canyon or Canyonlands. Otherwise, pay a visit to Arches National Park if you enjoy observing interesting shapes made by natural elements. This natural park boasts fantastic shapes such as natural bridges, gigantic sandstone towers, and natural stone arches. In most cases, you can either hike or ride a horse within the borders of Utah national parks.

a stone arch in Utah national park
Visiting Moab in the Canyonlands is a must.

As a soon-to-be Utahn, be sure to visit the oldest and most famous national park - Zion. The landscape there is particularly memorable due to its steep red cliffs and the Virgin River leading the way to the hanging gardens and waterfalls in the area of the national park called the Emerald Pools. Hence, it is no coincidence that native Utahns say they live behind the Zion curtain!  

The classic Utahn lifestyle involves a lot of walking and hiking in the many forests and preserves that exist here. So, for all the nature-loving types out there, Utah's landscapes and vistas are among the primary reasons why someone should move to Utah. However, it is not only nature that attracts people.

 three naturally made stone in Utah
Utah’s nature is breathtakingly outstanding.

The strong job market in Utah

So, after you pay your taxes after a long-distance move, you will probably want to settle and look for a decent job. Luckily, you will be glad to hear Utah has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the US. Compared to the national average of 3.7% in 2019, Utah's unemployment rate oscillates around a measly 2.8%!

Although it might not seem so, Utah's economy is very diverse. As a result, it is the second most prosperous state in terms of newly created job opportunities in branches ranging from hospitality through IT to mining. This makes Utah especially attractive to first-year college students or people looking to set up shop here due to its diverse and dynamic workforce.

Utah taxes are one of the reasons why you should move to Utah this year

Speaking of taxes, Utah is a flat-tax state. This means your income tax never goes above 5% regardless of your earnings and position in the company. Whereas property values are higher than the national average, you will be pleased to hear that property taxes are pretty low. Furthermore, there are no estate taxes, so you can relax if you are in line to inherit property.

Property costs are high, but living costs are low

If you do not inherit a Utah property, you should be prepared to pay slightly more for homes located in big cities like Salt Lake City. This is the only downside to moving to Utah, as these homes can cost anywhere from $300,000 to $500,000. So, if you wish to become an SLC citizen, for example, you have to give as much as $200,000 more for the same square footage you would find somewhere in suburban or rural areas of Utah!

salt lake city beneath a cloudy sky
Property prices in SLC are high, but you can make up for this since the costs of living are reasonable.

In contrast, Utah ranks as the 28th least expensive state for living in the US. With low taxes and good job prospects, you do not have to worry about anything besides how you will pack for your relocation to Utah. 

However, do not rush your packing since moving to Utah from another state is a demanding, long-distance move that can put your appliances and personal belongings at risk if not handled well. However, while bulky appliances can be a challenge, there are a few tips that could help you save some money instead of buying new home appliances for your home in Utah. Make sure you research them.

Utah boasts great colleges

Utah is home to a couple of public and private colleges and universities. Its education system has a good reputation, whether you plan to do your bachelor's degree or a 2-year long associate program here. As we noted, many people have been rushing to study at Utah's colleges, primarily due to its healthy economy and the vibrant job market. Apart from the big U(niversity of Utah), Utah is also famously home to the well-renowned yet affordable private school Brigham Young University.

We hope this short article was helpful to anyone wondering why you should move to Utah this year. As you can see, there are multiple reasons why this state makes such a great place to live. We wish you all the best with your house hunt!