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6 Reasons to Book Your Move this Spring

When you're planning a vacation, one of the important things to consider is the season. For example, July and August are usually the busiest months for summer vacations. You have to plan months in advance to book a hotel you like, get plane tickets, organize your work schedule, etc. The prices are much higher, popular vacation spots are filled with tourists, and in the end, planning can feel like a race to get a good but affordable deal. The same goes for winter. If you want to spend Christmas on the mountain in a snowy fairy tale, you have to search for hotels and tickets in summer! Luckily, you can always organize off-season vacations! They are usually cheaper and easier to plan. Although we understand that moving is far from a “vacation,” it follows the same logic. Some months are busier than others. Therefore, the move can be more expensive, and you can have trouble booking a date that suits you. If you’re planning to move this year, the summer can seem like the most convenient time (there is no school, you can use some of your vacation days, the weather is nicer). However, there are at least six reasons to book your move this spring.

Organizing a move in the spring has many benefits.

1. Better prices

The summer months are the most popular for relocating. However, it means that moving companies have more work during summer, and they charge more. So if you want to save money but still get a quality service, it is better to plan your move for spring.

2. Spring housing market

If you’re moving into a new home, you probably plan to sell your old one as well. As many real estate agents agree, the springtime is optimal for selling. Most people buy their homes in the spring, so they can arrange to move in the summer.

Drawing of a woman holding for sale sign in front of a houseSpring is an ideal time to sell your old house and organize a move to a new one.

3. The weather

Summer can be convenient because of days off, but the heat can be a disadvantage (it's hard to do anything when it's hot outside!). There are pros and cons of winter relocation as well. As in summer, one of the cons is unpleasant weather (cold, rain, or snow aren’t comfortable for relocation either).
If you’re planning to move, one of the reasons to book your move this spring is sunny days with a light breeze! It is a perfect balance (not too hot, not too cold). Just keep an eye on rainy days.

4. Quality service and easier scheduling

As said, summer is a busy season for moving companies! It’s not a surprise that they are often understaffed during this time. It is why they hire temporary employees. Usually, these temporary helpers have less experience since they are seasonal workers. If you’re moving in springtime, your move will likely be handled by a well-trained crew of professionals.

During spring, you’ll also have more dates available to schedule relocation. You can choose a convenient time for you (a spring break, for example).

A man in front of a moving truck (he's loading something)One of the good reasons to book your move this spring is the weather. Sunny (but not hot) days will make it easier!

5. Convenient for people with children

Yes, the kids are free in summer, but do they really want to go through the whole process (packing, moving, settling in again, etc.) during their time off? Have you ever wondered how to prepare them for this change? Moving is a challenging and stressful experience for both kids and adults, so it would be good for children to have a whole summer for themselves, especially if they've transferred to a new school. Spring break offers enough time to relocate.

6. Two birds with one stone: spring-cleaning

Cleaning your home before moving out is similar to spring cleanings. It is a time-consuming activity that can last several days. However, spring-clean does not only mean "clean behind the fridge," as we tend to think. A quality, in-depth clean also involves getting rid of everything unnecessary.

Decluttering is an integral part of the moving preparation. The fact is, you cannot move your entire household. There is stuff lying around the basement or in the attic you probably forgot you have. A part of the spring cleaning is deciding what to do with it. So, do this before you pack because it will make your relocation much more manageable and possibly even cheaper.

Cleaning equipment (sponges, rubber gloves, soap bottles)Spring-clean is good preparation for the move.

Final words

Moving to a new home is a long process that needs careful planning. You have to break it down into several stages, such as finding a good moving company, preparation for the move, moving, etc. Each of these stages consists of several subcategories as well.

The point is that there are many factors you need to coordinate. Every move is unique and depends on your needs. Moving companies should make this transition easier and help you as much as possible. Truth be told, no move can be entirely stress-free. Some things can go wrong. However, there are factors that you can control, such as when to move. We offered you six reasons to book your move this spring, as it is one of the most convenient times for relocation. Of course, pros and cons can be found for anything, so the decisions are based on individual needs and requirements.