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Fun Things to Do in the Boise Area This Winter

Winter is a gloomy season pretty much anywhere. But rest assured that there are many fun things to do in the Boise area this winter. This big city in Idaho is full of outdoor and indoor events that will help you keep that holiday spirit a little longer and make the most out of Boise winters. And, even though you can not enjoy a ton of snow here, do not worry; the neighboring Boise area has got you covered. Wherever you look, you will see snow-capped mountains and hills. There, you can enjoy all the snow activities you want.

However, if snow is not your thing, you can still enjoy that winter feel right from the comfort of downtown Boise! So, if you are a resident, or a soon-to-be resident, or even just passing by, keep on reading.

Visit the Idaho Botanical Garden

According to residents of Boise (and pretty much of the entire Idaho), the Idaho Botanical Garden is the most mesmerizing thing you can visit this time of the year. From the beginning of November till the end of February, over 550,000 energy-efficient lights are hung across the entire botanical garden during the winter season. Once you come here, you will enjoy the beautiful flora and lovely Christmas lights. So, buy your ticket, wear something warm, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and start wandering around.

Of course, bring your children, your parents, or your friends - this place is friendly to everybody. Moreover, do not hesitate to come here even if you are alone. The people of Boise are super-friendly. Thus, be sure that you will find a company here soon. This friendliness of Idaho's and Boise's residents makes people move here!

Christmas lights.

If you are looking for a true wonderland in Boise, give this botanical garden a go.

Take a Dip at the Idaho Hot Springs

Idaho Hot springs are very close to the city of Boise. To get there, you will need only 45 minutes by car. This is a popular winter destination for everybody. But, those who need to warm up their bones and those just dying for a perfect Instagram photo love it the most. Yes, not only is this place perfect for soaking and warming up, but it is also picture-perfect. Here, you can spend your entire day sitting in a pool of warm water (which is, of course, outside), lounging, eating, drinking, and just having fun with your friends and family.

Do not skip this fun thing to do just because it is winter. Trust us - you will love it! You will love it so much that you will instantly want to move here and do this for the rest of your life. And, if you do decide to do that, nobody is stopping you. There are plenty of available properties nearby, so don't wait a minute longer go ahead and give Big Boy Movers a call or start browsing You will need a reliable moving company soon, so make sure you explore your options.

Check Out the Neighboring City of McCall

An hour's drive from Boise, you can find this peculiar, small, lakeside town named McCall. McCall has the highest average of snowfall in the entire state of Idaho. And, it has some beautiful hills and mountains adjusted for skiers of all levels. So, naturally, people who come to McCall are those interested in Nordic, alpine, and backcountry skiing and snowboarding. Moreover, they come for snowmobiling, snow tubing, sledding, ice climbing, ice skating, etc. There are even activities such as dog sledding, helicopter flights, ice fishing, and under-ice diving. So, whether you want to do some adrenaline-boosting activities or enjoy an abundance of snow, Mac Call has it all.

We mentioned that this small town is rather peculiar. That is not because it has a lot of snow, but because it is full of mind-blowing snow and ice sculptures. Wherever you go, you will see one. And, if you happen to come here around Christmas and New Year, you will also be able to see the annual Winter Carnival, where you can enjoy music and different foods and drinks.

A woman snowboarding.

If you love snow, it would be a shame not to visit McCall.

Go on a Sleigh Ride 

If you are still into that holiday Christmas spirit, go to Garden Valley, Sun Valley, or Donnelly. In all of these three valleys, you can look at Christmas lights, go shopping for Christmas decor and presents, say hello to Santa, drink hot chocolate or mulled wine, etc. However, what is unique about these three places is that they all offer a scenic and exciting horse-drawn sleigh ride. You can book a ride for your partner (and arrange for flowers and diner), or you can book a ride for your family (and arrange for pictures and hot drinks).

This is a perfect place to go to, especially if you have just moved to Boise with your children. Moving was probably tough on all of you. So, take a day off, put on your winter clothes and shoes, and go on a sleigh ride. No matter how upset your children were because of moving, this sleigh ride is going to be something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

A horse-drawn sleigh ride, one of the fin things to do in the Boise area this winter.

Horse-drawn sleigh ride is a one-of-a-kind winter experience and definitely one of the most fun things to do in the Boise area this winter.

Enjoy the Edwards Greenhouse

If you do not like winter that much, but you still want to move to Boise, choose a Boise neighborhood close to Edwards Greenhouse. No matter how cold and dreary it may be outside, the inside of the greenhouse is always warm, sunny, and filled with intoxicated summer smells. This place is especially magical at the end of January and the beginning of February when jasmine plants start to bloom. The entire greenhouse is filled with the most amazing scent that will take your mind off winter.

However, if you do like winter, Edwards Greenhouse will also greet you with fantastic winter décor. Not only can you admire this décor but you can also buy it. And trust us, you need it - it will make a winter wonderland out of your own home. Moreover, here, you can also do yoga, drink healthy drinks, and spend quality time with residents of Boise.

As you can see, there are many fun things to do in the Boise area this winter. So, put on some layers and warm boots, get out of your home, and start exploring!