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7 Packing Hacks to Streamline Your Move

When it comes to moving, streamlining every bit of it is both helpful and a source of great relief amidst a sea of stress. So, it should obviously be a priority to figure things out before you need to put your knowledge to the test! To help out with just that, here are seven packing hacks to streamline your move.

Decluttering comes first
The first of our packing hacks to streamline your move is to start by decluttering. A lot of stuff can accumulate in a home without you even noticing. Old memories in the form of odds-and-ends purchased on outings or holidays. Stuff that’s been handed down generations in your family. We all have a surprising number of clothes we’re hanging onto out of sheer sentimentality, which hasn’t been in good enough condition to wear for years. It is very hard to give up such items since it is nearly impossible to separate what they mean to you from their actual worth. However, if you keep hanging onto everything, you’ll eventually become a hoarder! It is, therefore, essential to take the change when you are moving to do some decluttering and finally get rid of some of them. Of course, you can give them away or donate them, too.

Gather proper packing supplies
Now, moving supplies are going to mess something fierce with your attempts to figure out how to estimate moving costs if you don’t include them from the start. Unfortunately, most people assume regular paper boxes and old gym bags are perfectly fine for packing things in. That’s, unfortunately, not at all the case. Packing supplies exist because they make streamlining your move infinitely easier. With the right moving boxes or containers, you can pack things away quicker and more safely. You can get transparent containers, too, which makes it a breeze to find things post-move. Of course, the safety of your items will be much better with them. Proper moving supplies protect your belongings from most moisture and impact-related damage. At least you won’t need to worry about your clothes going moldy from staying in boxes during the rainy season for too long!

A guy with moving boxes

Packing Supplies are extremely useful as storage containers post-move, too.

Label every box
Packing haphazardly is all fine and dandy before you move. However, one of the most invaluable packing hacks to streamline your move is remembering to label everything when packing. This will ensure that when you reach your new home, you’ll be able to set up quickly and easily. Don’t just assume that using transparent moving containers will spare you the need to do this, either! Sure, it will help a lot, but if you can be a bit more specific in your labeling, you will save even more time.

And, if you hire moving professionals to assist you, they’ll know where to put which boxes more efficiently if you include instructions on the labels, too. This might save you a surprising amount of time and effort come moving day!

The right way to use cushioning
Note that there is, in fact, the right and wrong way to use box cushioning. Cushioning is definitely something you need to include in your supplies if you want to move more fragile items. However, tons of people assume that as long as they chuck as much into a box as they can, things will work out. And, in some rare cases, this is true. Bubble wrap, for example, will still work mostly well if you do this. As well as similar products. However, using Styrofoam would have the opposite effect. Having too much of it in a box might ‘squish’ your items more, making them more sensitive to jostling. Even bubble wrap and similar can produce the same effect, though more rarely. Of course, you can’t let stuff rattle in the box, either, so a careful balancing act is needed.

Secure all the moving bits
Some items, big or small, have lots of moving bits on them that can very easily be broken during transport. For example, an oven or fridge door can pop open. The wheels of a couch or a larger appliance can be torn off. Drawer handles can break off. And, if you own a coffee maker or similar, there’s lots that can break during transport. Now, the ideal solution would be to pack what you can in the original packaging with a proper solution for keeping everything still. If you can’t, you are down to good old duct tape or similar to make sure things stay still.

Appliances in a moving truck

It is extremely unwise just to put stuff unprotected into a moving truck.

Never leave packing for the last moment
Here’s another of the invaluable packing hacks to streamline your move: never delay packing to the last second. You think you know how long it will take you to pack? Excellent, now triple that time, and you have a much more realistic estimate. Things go wrong during the last days before a move distressingly often. So, if avoiding mistakes on moving day is your goal, make sure to prepare for the big day beforehand! Take your time and actually pack with care. Give yourself a chance to approach the job the right way. Or at least just call in professionals since they can do the job quickly without damaging anything!

Remember to pack an essentials bag
The final of our packing hacks to streamline your move and prepare for the movers is to remember to pack yourself an essentials bag. There are two occasions when it is useful. First, packing essentials separately lets you use them even if you decide to pack well before your move day. Second, you will be able to deal with unpacking at your new address at your leisure. With nothing spurring you to do it immediately to get at essential items, you’ll have more time to organize yourself properly. Just remember not to overestimate just how much ‘essential’ clothing you need and end up with too much.

A dog in a box

 Another of the useful packing hacks to streamline your move is to remember that your pets need their ‘essentials,’ too!

Final comment
With our seven packing hacks to streamline your move under your belt, your move will go just fine! There is one final thing to keep in mind, however. You should take frequent breaks when packing and preparing for your move! The process is harsh on a person, and not doing so can cause health issues, which is not something you want when you are looking to enjoy your new home!